Aisha’s Audacity: Between Patriotism And ‘Buharism’

Aisha’s Audacity: Between Patriotism And 'Buharism'

Nigeria News take a look at the role of Aisha Buhari in this government and how her whistleblowing speeches may help the performance of her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari.


How does one measure patriotism if not through love for one’s country and saying the truth without minding whose ox is gored? There are few politicians in Nigeria with patriotic zeal.


One can deduce by the thinking and issues that are more germane to most members of the National Assembly. The lawmakers spend more time debating how to save their skin than the country.


There are bills that should have moved the country forward but are yet to be passed into law. The Petroleum Industry Bill is one of such bills. The Senate and the House of Representatives hardly debate this kind of bill except it will affect the position of prominent members.


The lawmakers always speak loud when issues that have to do with their salaries and allowances are brought to the public domain. Even when they claim to be patriotic, their salaries must not be touched in the search for a new country that will care for all classes.

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Successive presidents see themselves as Nigeria rather than Nigerians. They redefine patriotism to mean loyalty to their government even when they lack the right policy for better performance.


In Nigeria, politicians pitch tents and patriotism to them is measured by how loyal they are to the president, the governor or their party. Who is a patriot? Is he a minister that sees a wrong policy and keeps quiet to retain his position or a lawmaker who allows a bill to fly to make some money?


Who is a patriot? Is he a government official that criticizes his ruling party so as to save a country from disintegrating or the one who keeps quiet to show loyalty to bad policy of a political party?


These are some of the questions that separate patriotism from loyalty. The questions that separate Aisha Buhari, wife of President Muhammadu Buhari from many other politicians. It is also a question that differentiates Senator Shehu Sani from other senators.

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It is the question that separates the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola from some others who have lacked the guts to confront the Senate when the issue of budget became a crisis at the National Assembly.


Yes, the question of who is a patriot speaks volume of the Chairman, Presidential Committee On Anti-Corruption, Professor Itse Sagay who had continued to lambast the Senate and the ruling APC party over the gargantuan corrupt practices that are going on underneath Buhari.


Sagay’s unfettered speeches had nailed the government that appointed him severally. Perhaps, some may describe him as being disloyal to Buhari but can one easily say that this is disloyalty or patriotism? Must Sagay pretend to his boss that all is well when in the real sense things are bad?


For Aisha, the truth must be told to help Buhari succeed. The president’s wife has not been hiding her feelings. She had said severally that cabals had taken over her husband’s regime.

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She threw another bombshell on Monday when she lamented about the poor state of the Aso Rock Clinic. She was unequivocal to tell the public that there was no single syringe in the health centre.


Maybe she would soon be tagged wailer by the presidency, the members of the public would be happy to hear such word.


Aisha, no doubt is a patriot who truly wants her husband to succeed that is why she never hesitates to point out some grey areas in the system.


Unfortunately, many of these Buharideens seem to be more Catholic than the Pope. For them, any noticeable weakness in the system must have been caused by the last regime.


Since Saint Buhari is no longer a mere mortal, and as a result, can and will never err. One won’t be surprised if the First Lady is eventually tagged a WAILER.

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