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Buhari’s Cabinet of Cabals.

Nigeria News take a look at the politics going on within the Federal Executive Council and how it has affected the rating of the current administration.   It took President Muhammadu Buhari more than six months to announce members of his cabinet afte ...

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Bash Ali Discharged from Hospital.

60-year-old Nigerian boxer, who is trying to enter the record books as the oldest boxer to win a title has just been discharged in the National Hospital Abuja where he was being treated for injuries allegedly sustained from an attack he said was carried o ...

Bayern Munich Humiliate Arsenal 5 – 1.

As much as football pundits didn’t expect Arsenal to really put up a fight against Bayern Munich at the Alllianz Arena, it wasn’t expected to be a decimation as it turned out to be on a night when Arsenal were made to look like kids in a park. It shou ...